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Because 6 generations of winemakers, history, know-how and emotions resonate in our hearts. Because sharing them with you means preserving them. Every day, we rise to produce great Burgundy wines from the finest terroirs in Mercurey.


The chapters are written one after the other, nourished by the stories of the past and enriched by the touch of each generation. For 6 generations, each member of the family has pursued the same objective: to keep the soul of the Pillot family alive.

A rigorous approach

The Pillot family has been working the vines for 150 years. It’s thanks to the handing down of the generations that we’ve been able to master the smallest nooks and crannies, the typical characteristics, the great qualities and the pretty faults of our plots.

Subtle aromas

The difference between a wine and a great wine was obvious to us, and it was not just a question of the methods of cultivation and vinification, but also of the modesty of those who made it. The secret of knowledge remains discreet while nature and the terroirs express themselves.

Tasting alone reveals the investment and passion we put into each bottle.

Thanks to a traditional method of vinification, our wines have a wide range of flavours.